Handz Of Gods

Liquidity blackhole of revenue-sharing tokens and onchain
exposure through tax and voting mechanism.

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About Handz Of Gods

Imagine owning exposure to a diverse array of trending on-chain tokens without having
to accumulate each one individually but instead only buy one. That is exactly what
$HANDZ aims to build — a crypto treasury funded by our tax mechanism.

How does it Work?

Our tokenomics

- Total supply: 100,000,000 $HANDZ
- Allocated 10% to the team (locked for one year but eligible for revenue sharing)
- Allocated 10% to OTC / Airdrop strategy
- Allocated 80% to our liquidity pool and lock it
- Max $HANDZ per wallet : 1% of the supply

How $HANDZ works?

Through our 5% buy & 5% sell tax mechanism, we can change the buyback address token each time the community votes for a specific token. Depending on the volatility/volume of $HANDZ, this could be a rapid process. For instance, as of today, if our buyback token is UNICHAD, we would need approximately $1m volume to be part of the top 10 holders, a feasible target in the present market environment.

Taxation and benefits for holders

On every transaction, we apply a tax:
- BUY tax: 3% goes to buy back the dedicated token automatically, 2% goes to our LP
- SELL tax: 3% goes to buy back the dedicated token automatically, 1% goes to our LP, 1% in ETH (the god tax for selling $HANDZ) holders will receive all revenue generated of our treasury.
Hopefully will be pretty significant long term as revenue/projects we bought grows

How the voting system works?

The top 50 $HANDZ holders will have the power to choose which token we buy back, increase or decrease the tax, invest in OTC deals - The top 250 holders can suggest any project they favor and put it up for voting among the top 50 holders.

What type of token are we looking for?

Initially, we’ll only focus on tokens distributing revenue share in ETH, simplifying the revenue share mechanism and enabling ETH accumulation for our holders. As volume increases, turnover might be significant and beneficial for the buyback project as we aim to ‘lock’ the liquidity.

How do we want to reach out to other project and get traction?

We will conclude OTC strategy with project that want to work with us; in exchange, they will get 1% of our supply(10slots available). It will give them a permanent seat on our voting system, and they will be able to distribute all the yield generated to their holders. All ETH generated will go to treasury as well



First Milestone:
  • Deployment of the initial contract on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Launching liquidity on Uniswap and locking the liquidity (1month then burn it)
Second Milestone:
  • Website creation
  • Establishing a Twitter presence
  • Initiating communication strategies
  • Engaging with communities
  • Creating a dune dashboard
Third Milestone:
  • Engaging the community about our plan
  • Changing current power allocation and holder rights
Fourth Milestone:
  • Implementing revenue-sharing mechanisms
  • Establishing voting rights